Web Design Part 2
Step 2
Inserting Graphics

Moved the cursor to where you want your graphic to be placed (for the sample page I moved the cursor after the words "Page Two" and hit "Enter" twice).
Click on the Image icon on the toolbar OR click on "Insert", then click on "Image".
When the new window opens click on "Choose file...".
A new window will open. Select the folder or drive that the graphic is located in.
When you locate the desired graphic file (usually a .jpg or .gif) that you have saved in a folder, another location on your computer or on a disk click on the graphic file and then click "Open". (You are welcome to right click and save the "Home" graphic at the bottom of this page if you would like to use it - I created it myself and I am happy to share it with you)
Click "Apply".
Click "Close".
Click "OK".
Click on the "Save" icon OR click on "File" and "Save".
The results can be seen on the first picture on the next page.

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