Web Design Part 2
Step 5
Inserting a Table

Click on the "Open" icon or click on "File" and Open Page.
An "Open" window or "Open Page" (also click the "Choose File" button on "Open Page") window will open.
Locate your saved Page Two named "pagetwo" and click "Open".

You are now back to editing your "Page Two" (pagetwo.html).

Click on the "Table" icon.
The "New Table Properties" window will open.
You may select "Number of Rows", "Number of Columns", etc. or use the default settings as shown above.
Click "Apply"
Click "Close"
Click "OK"

Next you may type "Home Page" in the first cell, click the alignment icon and select center.
Next you may type "Page Two" in the second cell, click the alignment icon and select center.
Click and drag over the text "Home Page" in the first cell and then click on the "Link" icon.
When the new window opens click on the "Choose File" button. Another window will open Choose the file "index.html" (your "Home Page").
Click "Apply".
Click "Close"
Click "OK"
Click on the "Save" icon OR click on "File" and "Save".
You have added a table with a link to "Page Two"
Next we will format the text, table and background of "Page Two".

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