Web Design Part 3
Step 3
Targets and Hyperlinks

Most of the results can be seen above.

Move the cursor just before the title "PAGE THREE" and click on the "Target" icon.
When the new window opens enter the name "top" for this target.

Move the cursor right after the letter "z" at the bottom of the page.
Click "Insert" and "New Line Break" twice
OR click "Shift" and "Enter" twice on the keyboard.
Next type "Back to the top". You may also want to move the cursor before the "Back to the top text and click the "Decrease indent" icon to move back to the left OR click the "Increase indent" icon to move further to the right.

Highlight the "Back to the top text" and change the font size to "18".
While the text is still highlighted, click on the "Link" icon. Click on the name of the target (Composer will automatically insert the "#" symbol before the name for you when you create a link to the target). Click "OK".

You may do similar links to targets by clicking after each letter in the bulleted list and making links from the letters in the alphabet table.

Click on the "Save" icon OR click on "File" and "Save".

More ideas can be seen on the finished version of "Page Three".
You may wish to try some or even all of the ideas suggested on "Page Three".
As a challenge you might want to try to duplicate "Page Three". For a screen shot there is a link here and at the bottom of "Page Three" (Be patient this page will take a while to load).
You may also add links to your "Page Three" from your "Home Page" and your "Page Two".

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