Web Design Part 1
Step 5
Formatting Text

Above you can see the results of the work that has been completed so far.
Next we will format the text, "Title".
Click and drag over the word "Title" to highlight it.
From the toolbar (3rd drop down menu from the left) select a new font size (I will change the font from a 12 point size to a 24 point size font).
Next select a new font color (4th drop down menu from the left).

I selected a shade of purple (R=153 G=51 B=102 HTML: #993366).
You may also click on any or all of the three letter A's for a Bold, Italic or Underline effect on the text. For the example I will click on the Bold A.
Alignment can be changed using the dropdown icon that is furthest to the right. I selected the second choice down for center alignment.
Click on the "Save" icon OR click on "File" and "Save".

Next right click in the first cell of the table.
Click on "Table Properties".
When the "Table Properties" window opens, select and click on the "Cell" tab.
Click the "Use Color" check box under "Cell Background" and click on the button to sele
The results can be seen on the first picture on the next page.

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