Web Design Part 1
Step 6
Formatting Backgrounds

Above you can see the results of the work that has been completed so far.
Click on "Format" (the 5th choice on the top from the left) and select "Page Colors and Properties".
A new window with three tabs (General, Colors and Background and META tags) will open.
Selecting the General tab will allow you to change the Title, Author, Description and/or Other attributes of the page.
Selecting the Colors and Background tab will allow you to use custom colors and/or background images on the page.

I changed the background to a shade of green (R=153 G=255 B=153 HTML: #99FF99)
Click "Apply".
Click "Close"
Click "OK"
Click on the "Save" icon OR click on "File" and "Save".
The results can be seen at the top of the next page.

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