Sonora Pass, June 17, 2009

Baka and Makisha follow Stev down Rehab Ridge.

Sequence of Stev skiing looker's Right Rehab Ridge.

Baka and Makisha follow Stev down.

So I decided to balance my skis on the "Vegetative Rehab Area" sign for a picture.

By the way, they are PM Gear, Bro Model Lhasa Pows.
It started off okay with me sprawled out below the sign and skis.

The blue arrow is where I started my first run.
The purple arrow is where I started my next run.

Michele was happy to zoom in and keep taking pictures while she was laughing.
It is a good thing that the Lhasa Pows are a relatively light ski.
Otherwise it would have been like being hit with a sword when the edge hit me on the side of my head.
I didn't bleed, only had a small bruise and had no problem skiing the next day.

Some recon photos of the Sonora Pass area:

Looking up from east of the pass:

Looking up from the big tree west of the pass:

Looking up at No-Name Peak from west of the pass:

A look across the valley south of the pass:

The backside of Leavitt Peak and the ridge:

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