Sweetwater Mountains, Foot of Mt. Patterson, June 15, 2008

The Sweetwater Mountains. South Sister has the long ridge of snow in the center of the photo.
For the past six years I have been called and taunted by this most everyday.

We saw remnants of the mining days on the drive up.

Getting closer to the South Sister. The road only made to within four miles of the mountain.
I'd ski near Mt. Patterson instead and I am prepared to be called and taunted for another year.

A cool looking "Baby's Got Back" bug we saw on the way.

View from the ridge on the way up toward Mt. Patterson. The backside of the South Sister is on the left.

Stev skiing the foot of Mt. Patterson above Lobdell Lake. Baka and Sputnik follow.

Stev continues down. Sputnik follows.

Stev sprays off the top of the suncups.

Stev bends the Bros.

Stev continues down. Makisha and Baka follow.

Cool looking wood.

Suncups and smoothness.

Stev skis through the suncups. Sputnik follows.

Makisha follows Stev through the suncups to the bottom of the snowpatch.

Stev hikes back to the car. The little slope and patch he skied are in the background.

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