Web Design Start Page

These are tutorials for using Netscape Composer to design web pages.

After you have started Netscape Composer (see instructions below) click on one of the "Start Tutorial" links at the bottom of the page.

In order to view the tutorial and practice the skills you may

Start Tutorial 1
Includes entering text, saving, adding a page title, inserting a hyperlink, inserting graphics, formatting text and formatting backgrounds.
Or go to:

Part 1 - Step 1
Entering Text, Saving
and Adding a Title

Part 1 - Step 2
Inserting a Hyperlink

Part 1 - Step 3
Inserting a Hyperlink

Part 1 - Step 4
Inserting Graphics

Part 1 - Step 5
Formatting Text

Part 1 - Step 6

Part 1 - Step 7
Home Page

Start Tutorial 2
Includes a new page, inserting graphics, inserting a hyperlink from a graphic, more hyperlinks, inserting a table and more formatting.
Or go to:

Part 2 - Step 1
A New Page

Part 2 - Step 2
Inserting Graphics

Part 2 - Step 3
Inserting a Hyperlink
From a Graphic

Part 2 - Step 4
More Hyperlinks

Part 2 - Step 5
Inserting a Table

Part 2 - Step 6
More Formatting

Part 2 - Step 7
Page Two

Start Tutorial 3
Includes a new page, tableize, bullet list, targets, hyperlinks, and many more possibilities on Page Three (blinking, e mail links, horizontal lines, inserting special characters, rainbow colorize, small caps, tables, targets and thumbnails).
Or go to:

Part 3 - Step 1
A New Page

Part 3 - Step 2
Tableize and
Bullet List

Part 3 - Step 3
Targets and

Part 3 - Step 4
Page Three

Large Screen Shot of
Page Three in Composer
(Be Patient)

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